Calla-Coll 500ml (bovine) Four For Three Bundle!

  • £144.00

This high potency collagen supplement contains 10,000mg of collagen, plus vitamins, trace elements and hyaluronic acid, to improve the skin, hair, nails and joints.

Collagen is widely used all over the body, and there is much research to show that taking a liquid supplement has the following effects:

  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Stronger ligaments
  • Stronger tendons
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improved recovery from exercise
  • Improved joint strength and mobility
  • Regulates blood sugars
  • Improves gum health
  • Faster wound healing
  • Effective acne management


1 bottle = 20 days' supply.

Ideally you need to take it for 3 months to allow the levels to build up in your body.

With this bundle you pay for three bottles and get the fourth one absolutely free!

Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans